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Have you been advised to buy a financial product or service that paid excessive commissions you were unaware of ?

It is sadly true that many financial advisors, accountants and brokers have earned substantial commissions by recommending financial products that are not suited to their client’s needs. In many instances, the investment advice given has proved toxic and financial losses have resulted.

What does a financial intermediary do?

Financial intermediaries are professionals who sit between the client and the major financial institutions and use their expertise to recommend financial products and services. Customers often pay a pre-arranged fee for this service which could be a significant amount.

The financial advisor's main task is to inform the client of the level of risk involved in any advice they provide. The financial advisor must always

  • Ensure there is no conflict of interest in any advice they provide.
  • Act in the best interest of the client at all times.
  • Not make a profit from their clients that the client is not aware of.
  • Provide services of a professional standard
  • Disclose any profit made to their clients
  • Act in accordance with the standard reasonably expected of an independent Financial Adviser.

The payment of undisclosed commission to financial advisors was a well-kept industry secret between the financial advisors and the major financial institutions. These commission payments were in addition to any arrangement fee that the clients had already agreed with his advisor. By accepting additional commission payments, that the client was unaware of, the financial advisor had ceased to act in the customer’s best interests. This arrangement allowed the advisor to make major financial gains from the recommendation of products or services that may not have been right for the client.

The result of this commission structure between the financial advisor and the financial institutions is that the relationship between the lender and the customer becomes unfair.

If you feel that you have suffered financially from such an arrangement then please contact Goldman Knightley today, our team of financial mis-selling experts will quickly establish if you have a claim. All you have to do is provide some brief details of any lenders you had credit with. Then we can start investigating on your behalf.

Is there a time limit on such claims?

For the best chance of success for a claim on your behalf, the agreement should either still be active or you should have finished paying for it within the last six years.

If you are unsure whether your particular case is eligible, don’t worry! We can still make an enquiry on your behalf

You can get a refund for the secret loan Commission.

More often than not, undisclosed commissions paid by your mortgage or secured loan provider must be repaid as compensation to you. These commission payments were typically 10% of the mortgage or loan value. If you took a loan with any of the leading lenders, you will probably qualify for a return of that commission and any interest that has accrued.

To find out if you have an eligible claim contact us today on 01204 563 533 or fill in the simple form at the top of this page and find out if you qualify for a refund.

Call us now on 01204 563 533 for free, no obligation advice.

We can act for you in the vast majority of cases on a No Win No Fee Basis.

Frequently asked questions What do we mean by Non- disclosure of Commission?
A financial advisor providing information on any financial product must act in the best interest of his client. Most people using financial products do not have the expertise to judge the value of different options, that is why they involve a financial advisor, to provide the best advice possible. What many clients failed to realise is that the financial products (Mortgages, Loans, Credit cards) from some lenders offered different amounts of commission and this was never made clear to the client. Many customers were advised to take out plans which were less attractive to the client but paid out higher commissions to the advisor.
Are you a specialist in this area?
At Goldman Knightly, we have a track record at exposing these activities and winning significant payouts for our clients. At its most basic level, this is bad practice that has taken money that rightly belongs to you.
My financial Advisor has ceased trading, can I still claim?
Yes, this should not be a problem. We will need to get the basic details from you and address our claim via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Even if you have lost your paperwork, providing we can get some basic information, we can start the process and retrieve any paperwork from your lender.
Is there any time limits a successful claim?
There are no time limits for this, however, the sooner you get going the quicker we can get a result for you.
How quickly can you bring a successful case?
There are several factors that can influence how quickly we can bring a successful claim. In cases where the financial adviser has stopped trading your case is put before the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, this can take between three and six months. Delays of up to six months can occur if the advisors decide to defend the case and it finds its way to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
How are you paid?
As mentioned earlier, should we take your case, we do not charge any upfront fees. All the costs are dealt with by Goldman Knightly. Only when your case is successful, will we charge you a percentage of your compensation. Our typical fee is 37% + VAT to cover all our costs.



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